I have completed 5 novels
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  ·       A sci-fi series of 3 books
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Almost Eternity is the story of a very special man’s life and his search for the meaning of his existence. He is immortal and has been alive for 6,000 years. Because of his longevity, he is rich beyond rich. His 6,000-year-old photo-graphic memory makes him the smartest person alive as well. Our hero commands a financial empire next to none and uses his power to dole out justice as he sees fit. He has been many people in history and tells their stories in flash-backs as he interacts with Lewis and Clark, Leonardo Da Vinci, the Pharaoh of The Great Pyramids, the Wright Brothers, Nicholas Tesla, King Arthur, Oppenheimer, Hitler, Bing Crosby and Thomas Jefferson, among others. There are troubling forces that unravel the mystery of his existence and lead him to his true surprising identity. He is Raguel, an archangel of God sent to earth to help mankind. His mission is complete and he is granted the peace of mortality.
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The Evolutionary War continues after ten years have passed since Almost Eternity ended and Luc has two twin boys with Angela and is starting to be identified with his new multinational conglomerate company. The Eastern Federation’s leadership tries to assassinate him and his family and Luc retaliates in conjunction with the Joint Chiefs. He receives a commission as a General in command of a new military branch, Special Operations. The attacks keep coming and force Luc to take deadly action. Meanwhile, he is leading the world to a moneyless society. That makes him the enemy of other billionaires who are not yet ready to change to the new economic model. Luc is now mortal and can be “damaged”, so he has to use all of his vast resources just to survive to protect his family, friends, and country. In the end with a couple of new smart weapons, Luc defeats the enemy and succeeds in changing the world economy.
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The Bimini Threshold has Lucasiah Champion embarking on a quest that could rock the world. He believes he knows how to find the Lost Continent of Atlantis. Ancient texts describe a people with a power source he believes to be cold fusion. His quest becomes a race to the prize against a foe that is not of this world. In the process, he recounts more fond memories of his friend, Thomas Jefferson, dialogues with Socrates and even reveals his life as Jason (as in Jason and the Argonauts). Blocking his way is an enemy that is not of the earth. Luc battles Santana, an economic foe from the past and must prevent him from destroying the planet. Luc succeeds with the help of Michael, Luc’s archangel brother’s sword. The book ends with an international party on the newly built island for the Atlantians.
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  ·       And two novels
Nazi Echoes - Neil Jacobs, the grandson of an Austrian Physicist, overhears a story as a boy that Austrian Jews hid treasures in the walls of their Vienna homes to keep the Nazis from seizing them during the occupation of World War II. Now, as a young engineer, he invents a way to "look" inside the homes and find the left behind booty. He wants to return the items to their rightful heirs. But, a remnant of Hitler's twisted ideology, will use any means possible to stop him. Realizing the potential of the system, he and his business associates partner with the FBI and Homeland Security to hunt for terrorist bomb making factories and the Drug Enforcement Agency to discover secret stashes of illegal drugs. The book closes with the Echoes team stopping the Nazi chasing them and continuing on with the return of the recovered family artifacts.
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The Curse of Dracul is the story of Paranormal Investigator, Dela Samuels, and her staff chase ghosts for a living until one day she realizes, the ghosts are talking to her personally. These messages lead Dela to gather her friends to help get to the bottom of these stranger than strange happenings. They are led on a treasure hunt around the world that will solve mysteries about her life that have haunted her since childhood and perhaps save the hapless lives of thousands upon thousands of tormented souls forever.  Their quest will take them from Winter Palace of Peter the Great, to the great castle ruins of Romania and through the most beautiful museums of all of Europe. Dela is really the granddaughter of Vlad “The Impaler”, Ruxandra Dracul, and she fights to end the curse her grandfather put on his enemies damning them to the dark world between life and death. The story concludes with Ruxandra finishing her quest for the treasures that can set them and herself free.
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  ·       A short story
The Shepherd - Young shepherd, Rafael, witnesses the Angel's announcement of Jesus's birth and travels to Bethlehem to see the Messiah. A few years later, he watched the Magi come and go. He grows up and becomes a follower of John the Baptist and then Jesus. Through his friendship with Andrew and the other disciples, he supports Jesus' ministry and is there for the Temple cleansing, the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus' Death, His Resurrection and return to Heaven among other wonderful events. This book is a message of hope contained in the stories of Christmas and Easter as seen through one humble man's eyes.
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  ·       A self help life guide for teenagers
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This book is made up of short easy lessons on vital life subjects like honesty, selflessness, setting realistic dreams, treating others and family and understanding the three building blocks of a happy life, faith, love and hope.
  ·       I am 50% complete with another book
Brian's Brain - Dr. Deni Debussy, neurological scientist has achieved success at transferring the entire memory of one person into another. The first subject, Brian Doe, is a human clone who has been in a coma his entire life and has no memories. But, the project leaders don't want to stop at one transfer. They plan to copy several minds into Brian and don't fully understand the emotional repercussions of carrying out their plan. Despite their best security, the process is stolen and used to create what everyone was afraid of, a super military weapon. Brian seems to be the only hope in stopping the threat. Brian has to take the risk of more memories dumps into his brain to have all the necessary skills to prevent a worldwide catastrophe. Twelve of the greatest intellectuals alive complete memories transferred into one man. Is Brian the next evolutionary step or will the process move mankind one step closer to the brink of annihilation?
  ·       I have a concept for another book
The Tesla Swap - In 1893, Nicola Tesla was working on his Wardenclyffe Tower Project hoping to transmit electrical energy wirelessly when he accidentally discovered a method of travel that changed the world forever. With a cheap method of instantaneous unlimited distance transportation created, railroads, ocean going ships and any thought of the airplane soon vanished since there was now no need for these methods of travel. Automobiles and Space Shuttles were never invented, wars disappeared over night and society began to enjoy the prosperity the new invention brought with it. Tesla named his device the Interdimensional Displacement Regulator, but some slick marketing firm named it the Swap. Colonies of habitable spheres appeared on the ocean floors, on the moon and then Mars. Every colony was linked by the immediacy of transportation with people commuting from Mars to Europa, one of Jupiter’s many moons, every day and even going home for lunch. The colonization process exploded until the population balanced out with the number of planets and moons that were inhabited. By the time humankind reached twenty billion souls, the human race lived in just one tenth of our galaxy. But, we had unmanned stations on worlds covering half of it. And then travelers from the Andromeda Galaxy came.
  ·       I have an idea for a comedy screenplay
Cesar and Ernie's Golden Parachute - Cesar Dominguez and Ernie Walden own D&W Models in 1991 Los Angeles and build models for movies like ships and space vehicles. Their business boomed until they learn of a new technology, CGI (Computer Graphic Imaging) that will put them out of business. They devise a plan to scam a tabloid newspaper out a few million dollars for an alien spacecraft that they build and pass off as from outer space. This gets the Russians, the Chinese, NASA and a few other folks wanting their flying saucer. The story ends with our two hapless heroes getting busted, but then hired by NASA for their innovative ideas.
  ·       I have an idea for a series of children's books
Tiny WorldsThe concept is to produce a set of around 10 illustrated children books. Each story will be set in a different tiny world of bugs, fish, etc. and in a variety of places.

A Tiny World in a Big Forest
A Tiny World on a Farm
A Tiny World in a Rain Forest
A Tiny World in the City
A Tiny World in a Jungle
A Tiny World in a Pond
A Tiny World on a Beach

Every book will have the same basic plot: Something is lost and the characters will have to find it. Each book will have around five characters with cute names that have to work together to find the lost important item.
I desire a partnership with an agent who will guide me in writing what will sell and help me set priorities in projects. I am very flexible and will follow the agent’s advice. You want historical fiction, children’s stories, any of my books as screenplays, romance novels or anything, I can and will write it.